What's Grandma hiding?

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where you'll join Maddie Boulton on her quest to uncover Grandma's secrets by renovating the Boulton family estate.

One minute, Merge Mansion is a relaxing merge game that puts your mind at rest; the next, you'll be screaming at the dramatic turn you absolutely didn't see coming.

Great to have you here – Maddie could really use a fresh pair of eyes! Match and merge items to restore the Mansion to its former glory. Warning: May contain jaw-dropping secrets...

So sit back and let the investigation begin.

A Mansion Full of Mystery...

It all boils down to one sweet Grandma and her bottomless pit of murky mysteries. Merge by merge, you get closer to uncovering her secrets—or so you think—right before a new twist sweeps you off your feet (figuratively speaking).

But fear not, because whenever you want to speculate on the twists and turns of the Mansion, you've got a pretty decent-sized support group – our 50M+ fans worldwide.

Don’t tell Maddie, but Grandma has a secret hotline. Some call it 'newsletter’, fans call it 'the evidence'.

"Dearie, you didn't hear this from me, but..."

What's Grandma been hiding lately?

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You heard it from Boulton Bugle first – Merge Mansion's very own newspaper is here!

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