What's Grandma hiding?

Grandma sitting in a chair next to her daughter Maddie who is standing next to a fireplace.

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where you’ll help Maddie Boulton uncover her family’s secrets through renovating the neglected family estate owned by her Grandma Ursula – who definitely has main character energy.

You’ll match and merge items to restore the Mansion to its former glory, while revealing the truth (???) about its sinister past.

Maddie could use a fresh pair of eyes – so, sit back and start investigating.

Brand imagery about Grandma Ursula from Merge Mansion

Beaumont Hall – The Mansion

In the mornings the mist retreats back to Hopewell Bay, unveiling Beaumont Hall and its grounds, beautiful but forgotten.

When Maddie discovers this place exists, she feels inexplicably pulled in. She has to know the story, but what she doesn’t know is it might take years to crack the mysteries that lie between the statue of Ignatius Boulton and Lighthouse Island… Hooold on – that thing behind the unused pool area looks like a maze.

Merge Mansion – background image from the study with Maddie's and Grandma's shades

Meet Maddie
and Grandma

Grandma – Ursula Boulton

Ursula Boulton is Maddie's grandmother.

Grandma is the owner of the Mansion and quite the character. She’s allowed Maddie access to the estate, but isn’t very forthcoming with information. Maddie’s questions tend to go unanswered, met with an excuse about pies or some other trifle.

But who’s this Charlie she was married to all those years ago?

Mobile version of Ursula Boulton – Grandma from Merge Mansion, sitting in a chair
Ursula Boulton – Grandma from Merge Mansion, sitting in a chair
A large bookcase lit up by an imposing marble fireplace.

Maddie – Maddie Boulton

Maddie is our protagonist and who you’ll be helping out with solving the mystery.

True to her Boulton genes, she’ll figure out innovative ways to renovate the Mansion, and will leave no stone unturned until the truth is revealed. Once she’s done, will she build a career as an inventor, an architect, or a private investigator?

She certainly has the natural talent for all.

Grandma's granddaughter Maddie from the game Merge Mansion. She is looking startled (mobile version).
Grandma's granddaughter Maddie from the game Merge Mansion. She is looking startled.
Dark shadows being cast on a close-up of a wall.

Who else, you ask?

The world of Merge Mansion is ever-expanding, from pups (bow-wow, Rufus!) to shady butlers to hopeless romantics (don’t lose hope, Roddy). Stay tuned for new personalities and the twists they add to the lore.

Fans are obsessed

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The mystery never ends.

Right when you thought you had it all figured out, Merge Mansion offers up another twist you never saw coming. How can such a relaxing game be filled with SO MUCH mystery? It’s the sweet spot we didn’t know we needed – just ask the 40M+ fans who can’t stop speculating.

Ready to do some digging?

Maddie’s been asking for you.