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A pool in poor codition

A splash of surprise by the old Swimming Pool

By Jackie Martin

Folks, grab your gear and head over to the old swimming pool ASAP. Because this story is going to be a good one.

More mysteries await..
to reveal it all!

The pool area in a terrible state before it is renovated
A pool are in pristine condition

Picture this: an old, abandoned Swimming Pool, lurking silently at the Mansion, hidden away from prying eyes. Well, guess what? It's been discovered by none other than Maddie Boulton. And let me tell you, it hasn't been cleaned since the last party. It's like a time capsule from an era when pool parties and BBQs were all the rage.

According to our sources, before Maddie could dive into the renovation work she was met by our local Building Inspector, Roddy Took, carrying news about a recently discovered gold watch with a cryptic engraving. Stay tuned to our as this story unfolds.

Back at the poolside, to Maddie’s despair, Roddy also has some unexpected news to share. Despite Maddie's hard renovation work, the town council doesn't think it's enough to upkeep the mansion. Can you believe it? It's time for reinforcements!

However, brace yourself, because according to a tip from Hopewell Bay’s most trusted authorities, there is an imminent and highly dramatic development of shocking proportions about to happen at the Mansion’s poolside. And it will likely trigger an irreversible chain of events that will turn at least two people's lives completely upside down.

So, grab your tools, bring your sense of adventure, and let's dive in together!

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