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Breaking news in Hopewell Bay: The legacy of the Boulton Bugle

By Jackie Martin

Extra! Extra! Step right up, folks, and take a tour through the sensational history of our town’s trusted local newspaper, the Boulton Bugle.

Whether you're a Hopewell Bay resident or just snooping around (no judgment here if you are!) the Boulton Bugle is the go-to source for news, information and general tea about our charming coastal village and its vibrant, though sometimes peculiar, residents and businesses. Grab a steaming cup of coffee, settle into your favorite reading nook and prepare to take an ink-redible trip back in time.

A journey through history

Founded by Ignatius Boulton, the Boulton Bugle has been a fixture of Hopewell Bay through different generations and multiple scoops. Despite its humble beginnings in a small printing house on the outskirts of the village, the newspaper quickly grew in popularity and influence, becoming an important part of the local community. Propelled by the founder’s passionate journalistic background, ability to discover a good story (a trait we hear is quite the Boulton trademark) and strong belief in the power of the press to inform and educate the public, the Boulton Bugle also gained an unwavering reputation for honest reporting and insightful commentary on local events.

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the old printing house that served as the Boulton Bugle's headquarters for so many years – you could even say that it’s caving under all the press(ure). The building is now crumbling and in desperate need of restoration, if it is to be saved for future generations of journalists who have a knack for investigative work.

Continuing the legacy

In the face of these challenges, the Boulton family remains committed to preserving the legacy of this iconic newspaper. They are spearheading a fundraising campaign for the printing house restoration project, which has gained a lot of momentum in a short time, determined to bring back this hallmark to its former glory.

Today, the Boulton Bugle covers a wide range of topics such as local news, events and community issues followed closely by a loyal and expanding readership in and around Hopewell Bay. It also features profiles of local businesses, interviews with famed residents, and in-depth coverage of local cultural events and festivals. You can also find an investigative report or two as there seems to be a lot of skeletons in our residents’ closets.

Meet the team

The Boulton Bugle is known for its dedication to accurate reporting and in-depth research. Its team of experienced journalists and editors work hard to provide readers with high-quality, engaging content that keeps them informed about everything happening in their village.

Jackie Martin, Senior Reporter

Jackie is a reporter for the Boulton Bugle and has a knack for a great story. When Ursula got arrested, Jackie dashed to the Beaumont Hall to get the scoop – but instead she found herself becoming friends with Maddie. She's keen to use her smarts to help Maddie out, going so far as to using her connections at the paper. How far will she go to get the ultimate scoop?

Jackie Martin

Holden Thomas, Reporter and Photographer

Holden is a reporter and photographer for the Boulton Bugle, who’s in the habit of taking a few too many pictures of himself. Sure, he can scribble a decent story, but with a little less focus on himself and more on his subjects he could do even better. He’s also moonlighting for the local council and has got his eyes on young Ms. Boulton. What is he willing to do to get what he wants?

Holden Thomas

Whether you're a resident of Hopewell Bay or just passing through, the Boulton Bugle is the go-to source for news and information about all things Hopewell Bay. Scroll through its now digitized pages filled with stories of community spirit, resilience, and progress, and get to know the history and culture of our vibrant community.

P.s. Don’t forget to share the word with your friends, family and neighbors (especially the snoopy ones) and help us ensure the Boulton family’s vision for a free and independent press will live on for generations to come.

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