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Celebrating a century of Hopewell Bay and its mysteries continues… and boy, do they keep coming!

By Jackie Martin

It’s official: there’s a true-crime story unraveling in Hopewell Bay, and it’s happening right in the midst of the town’s 100th birthday celebrations. But the party must go on, even if the mysteries keep piling up.

As we prepare for Hopewell Bay’s centennial, the air is filled with anticipation—and not just for celebratory pie. The party is a total blast and the whole town turns up. But in between clinking of glasses and greetings, all the party guests can talk about are the and how this particular skeleton looks remarkably like Hank!?

The gossip-loving local shopkeeper Kazuko was in the middle of a particularly juicy tale when her loquacious parrot, Sgt. Donovan, mimicked a chilling plea:

“Grandma, please don’t do it, I beg you!”

Folks, let me tell you, for what felt like an eternity, you could hear a pin drop in that room. Just as tension peaks, Hank bursts in—holding a baby!

Whose baby is it? What’s going on? Someone’s got some explaining to do!

In the midst of this drama, in true Hopewell Bay fashion, we are also celebrating the legacy of Amelia Boulton, an iconic figure in the town’s history. Spearheading this celebration and sharing tales of Amelia’s contributions to the town is… Julius!? Is that you with a magnificent beard and a newfound fascination with the internet?

Here comes a grand parade honoring Amelia Boulton, and showcasing the rich heritage of Hopewell Bay.

As the centennial celebration continues, the town is left with more questions than answers. The intertwining tales of mystery and history promise to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned, Hopewell Bay, because the story is far from over!

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