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Grandma lazing in the pool

Hopewell Bay gears up for Grandma’s splashy birthday party

By Jackie Martin

Hold on to your floaties folks, because you’re officially invited to Hopewell Bay’s biggest splash of the season, Grandma Ursula’s birthday party!

According to sources close to the party planning committee, it’s going to be the ultimate aquatic soiree, and we can’t wait to dive in.

But, as is customary whenever the Boultons are in the picture, there’s a twist in the tale – Grandma herself seems to be throwing water on the idea of a celebration.

“Even though Grandma looks like she’s not up for a big party, we all feel her special day needs to be celebrated, at least, she deserves some awesome gifts!” says Maddie Boulton, as she hurries off with a stack of beautifully wrapped mystery items.

While the whole town is buzzing with excitement, close family and friends are clearly going the extra mile, perhaps even a tad too far, with their prep work. Speaking of, we ran into Grandma Ursula’s free-spirited sister, Deb, who was busy concocting what she described as ‘quite the surprise gift’ with her new, young beau. “Well, darlings, life is too short to settle for boring surprises. My sister is in for a whirlwind of surprise, just like the sizzling escapades my hunky young flame and I have been getting up to” she continued.

  • Empty Cassette Tape

    Empty Cassette Tape

  • Tape Recorder

    Tape Recorder

  • Notepad and pen

    Notepad and Pen

  • Typewriter


Looks like the sparks are flying in more places than just the gift-wrapping! Bring your best rendition of "Happy Birthday" and join this special celebration, where you can expect surprises that’ll make us all blush. Hopefully, Grandma will join too…

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