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Summer season in Merge Mansion

Hopewell Bay turns 100: Celebrations, surprises, and fluffy imposters

By Jackie Martin

This summer in Hopewell Bay promises to be jubilant as the town celebrates its 100th birthday. With the festival of the century on the horizon, the air is thick with pie-baking aromas, excitement, and mystery – especially, since Hank is nowhere to be seen. Here’s a peek into the cryptic events unfolding right now.

While the centennial celebrations are in full swing, things take a very hectic turn for Maddie Boulton when her beloved pet pooch, Rufus, bolts just before his dinner. Frantically searching, Maddie turns to Hopewell Bay’s animal services, who deliver a dog—but it isn’t Rufus.

Instead, we find ourselves with a Golden Retriever and facing the most adorable case of mistaken identity. The silver lining? Maddie adopts the fluffy imposter and names her Goldie.

The search for Rufus continues. Meanwhile, thanks to a very keen nose, Goldie takes on a whole different search in the Mansion grounds, which takes a rather sinister turn when one day she uncovers… a human thigh bone!?

“This is Hank!”

Who said that!? Now, the town is abuzz with speculation and intrigue. Who does the bone belong to, and what does it mean for us here in Hopewell Bay?

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