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Local historian digs up Boulton’s astonishing family history

By Jackie Martin

Ahoy mystery hunters! In a twist worthy of a cinematic blockbuster, Julius Walters, Hopewell Bay’s resident historian, has dug up a knightly surprise about the Boulton family past.

Turns out, the Boultons aren’t just run-of-the-mill folks; they may have a regal lineage, quite literally. Here’s the story so far.

Caught in his own web of surprise

It all began when Julius decided to surprise his close friend Grandma Ursula, with research on her family’s ancestry. Little did he know that he was the one in for a surprise.

“Here I am thinking I’d learn something new about the Boulton’s tin can empire or the old publishing house. Instead, I find myself smack in the middle of an armor-nous situation. A heraldic heritage… I’d have never guessed”, shared Julius, still baffled by his discovery.

Up in arms about a coat of arms

As Julius continued his research, he discovered more about the family’s travels across the world. Interestingly, what he could not find was the Boulton coat of arms. It had completely vanished, like a treasure chest buried at sea. So, our intrepid historian took matters into his own hands and crafted a new court of arms - nothing short of medieval artistry. But the big question is, will it get the seal of approval from Grandma Ursula?

"A heraldic heritage… I’d have never guessed."

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding the fate of the original coat of arms continues. What surprises us the most is Grandma Ursula’s somewhat nonchalant reaction to learning about the disappearance of this valuable family emblem.

We cannot help but wonder, could there be a link between the Boulton family travels and the missing coat of arms? Does Grandma Ursula know more than she’s leading on? Is Julius ready to face the reality he’s about to uncover?

If you are brave enough to walk the plank and dive into another Boulton family mystery, come join Julius. He could use all the help he can get!

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