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Roddy's Mystery

Rumors about paranormal activity spread in Hopewell Bay

By Jackie Martin

Regular Boulton Bugle readers know that I am not one to believe in paranormal activity, but even the most pragmatic fact lovers need to admit their curiosity around recent events.

In an unsettling twist, the idyllic setting of a children's summer camp in our town has become the stage for eerie and paranormal encounters. Although no physical harm has been reported, the incident has left a lasting impact on the residents of Hopewell Bay community So, let’s dive deeper…

A haunted summer camp or a bad prank?

For years, our local building inspector and avid outdoorsman Roddy Took has been organizing a summer camp for the children of Hopewell Bay. Traditionally held in the nearby forest, this year's camp took an unexpected turn when permission was granted by the enigmatic Grandma Ursula to relocate the camp to her garden.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere turned chilling for both the young campers and Roddy himself. Reports emerged of blinking lights, ominous shadows, objects in motion and an unnerving presence breathing down Roddy's neck.

"Everything seemed normal at first, and the children were enjoying themselves. But when night arrived, it got really scary. I can't think of any other way to describe it than to say... our campsite maybe haunted", expressed the visibly shaken Roddy in an interview.

“Don’t be scared! The monster wears its hair in a bun, that’s not very scary”

“Don’t be scared! The monster wears its hair in a bun, that’s not very scary”, a brave camper, Mason Wu, commented and glanced over to the Mansion window where Ursula Boulton was waving at us and adjusting her hair.

Although some camp goers have returned home, Roddy and a few brave ones are staying in the Mansion yard another night.

If you are as curious about this case as we are, maybe we’ll meet you there at midnight to get to the bottom of it…

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