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Sugar, spice and all things… not so nice? Unexpected flavors at the Hopeberry Festival

By Jackie Martin

Hopeberry Festival is an experience like no other. The inescapable smell of Hopeberries in the air, ripples of laughter spreading from tent to tent, oohing and ahhing over new flavor profiles – the atmosphere is simply berrylicious!

But this year, Hopeberries are being mixed with some unexpected (to say the least!) ingredients and has got the drink daredevils of Hopewell Bay lining up down the block for a taste.

The secret of the Hopeberry juice

Belle of the festival Deb Boulton, who’s running the event this year, is on a mission to perfect the treasured family recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation. In her quest to hit all the right taste notes, Deb has exhausted everything in the spice cabinet and is thinking about moving to the Greenhouse next!

"No better time and place to whip out a love potion!"

“I’m really excited to see how this festival is turning out, especially about number of bachelors in Hopewell Bay who’re signing up for the party. No better time and place to whip out a love potion!” Deb says. “But first, I just need to crack the recipe for the perfect Hopeberry juice and – oh wait, I haven’t tested my favorite flower in the world, the Corpse Flower!”

Hopeberry juice is the traditional drink of Hopewell Bay, prepared by the Boultons year after year. The recipe is carefully guarded and revealed only to a handful of family members, and has ingredients that are far from usual.

  • Hopeberry smoothie

  • Hopeberry Shake

  • Fancy Hopeberry Shake

    Fancy Hopeberry Shake

  • Deb's Deluxe

    Deb's Deluxe

The acquired taste of the Boulton recipe

Deb’s juice testing extravaganza is an experience for all senses. It includes a behind the scenes peek into the juice making process – or, more accurately, concocting it in testing tubes – that has become a surprise attraction.

The reviews so far have been amazing, but it seems the taste testers have noticed an unmistakable tweak in the flavor profile this year.

“It’s not bad… but somehow it doesn’t really taste the same as last year,” Roddy, the local building inspector and culinary enthusiast, says while sipping his second glass of Deb’s latest concoction.

“I think this might be even better than previous years! Maybe it’s because Deb added more of the secret ingredient than the recipe needed,” Maddie, the beloved great-niece of Deb, says with a wink.

We can’t help but wonder – what is the secret ingredient that makes the juice taste so powerful? Join the Hopeberry Festival to find out!

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