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A dilapidated tennis court on a sunny day

Tennis Court reveal may unearth a long-lost treasure

By Jackie Martin

Beaumont Hall resident Maddie Boulton has uncovered a hidden gem in the mansion grounds – an old Tennis Court frozen in time. Thanks to Maddie, restorations are already underway and we’re waiting to hear why this spectacular court was abandoned in the first place.

More mysteries await...
to reveal it all!

A decapitated tennis court seen from above
A pristine tennis court seen from above.
“Well, this whole Tennis Court reveal has brought up an old family feud”

Here’s what we do know – the Boulton sisters, Ursula and Deb, two very talented and fiercely competitive tennis players in their day, are at the center of this racket.

“Well, this whole Tennis Court reveal has brought up an old family feud,” says Boulton’s close family friend Julius Walters. “They buried the hatchet underneath that court all those years ago – and, now, it’s all about to come undone”, he added anxiously.

  • Tennis drink

  • Tennis ball

  • Tennis Racket

  • Wrist band

Why are the tensions running high between the Boulton sisters? What conspicuous secret is hiding in the Tennis Area? Most importantly, will the infamous Grandma Ursula finally have her day in court (not the one you are thinking)?

Join Maddie’s spirited drive to return the Tennis Area to its finest tournament-holding days – and get served with the unraveling mystery right back!

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