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The Great Bush Bonanza: Topiary showdown shaping up in Hopewell Bay

By Jackie Martin

Attention, fellow green thumbs! The annual topiary competition is just around the corner and it’s shearing up to be a rootin’-tootin’ spectacle.

The plant life in Hopewell Bay is rather spectacular to begin with, you can read more about the leafy marvels in town here. The Great Bush Bonanza offers the talented folks in town a chance to give these plants a yew-nique makeover – and transform them into exquisite pieces of art.

Now, some might think topiary is a snip-snap kind of art. “I’m really excited to sculpt topiaries with everyone in town! It shouldn’t be too hard, I mean, surely it must be like mowing the lawn, and I’ve done that hundreds of times, just ask Grandma. I can’t wait to start snipping!” says Maddie Boulton, enthusiastically.

“I’m really excited to sculpt topiaries with everyone in town – I can't wait to start snipping!"

Well, dear readers, young Ms. Boulton is in for a surprise. Because lurking behind all those bushes is a topiary titan we never saw coming – Maddie’s very own great-aunt, Deb Boulton. She prunes with a passion, and her skills are so sharp it’ll put a cactus to shame.

But hold your clippers, because not only does Deb know her way around plants and flowers, she is also pretty competitive when it comes to shaping them. She’s challenging every shrub-beautifier in town to a leaf-to-leaf duel. Looks like planting bushes and sculpting them just got personal.

  • Roundabout Hedgerow

  • Tree-Topsy Turvy

  • Pruned Starsign

  • Leafy Duckling

Can you shape up to the challenge? Grab your gardening gloves and get ready to raise some hedge, as the Great Bush Bonanza awaits. Let the snipping begin!

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