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Sauna is burning by the Lighthouse

Turning up the heat: Did a sauna fire uncover Charlie Boulton’s secret weapon?

By Jackie Martin

Last night, people looking at the Hopewell Bay Lighthouse might have noticed an eerie orange glow that was not coming from the beacon.

As flames were licking the beloved Sauna of the Lighthouse keeper Heikki Laine, he took it in his stoic Finnish stride. When reached out for a quote, Laine simply stated: “Nothing’s so bad that there’s not some good in it.”

Maddie Boulton was also at the scene taming the flames. I took the chance to talk to her about the fire and its aftermath.

More mysteries await..
to reveal it all!

Sauna rundown
Sauna cleaned

Where there’s smoke

Maddie Boulton was fixing the Study when she noticed the faint smell of smoke. She followed her nose until she saw a thick cloud of smoke emanating from the Lighthouse, and rushed to the scene.

“It was so scary,” Maddie says. “I was really worried for Heikki.” Fortunately, when she arrived at the Lighthouse, she found Heikki unharmed and in good spirits amidst smoking ruins of the sauna.

“Heikki is the calmest person I’ve ever met. He calmly assured me that this wasn’t the first or even the second time his Sauna burned down. I’m glad he’s alright, but he should be more careful.”

A tale of two friendships

Turns out Maddie and Heikki are kindred spirits and spent the evening together, rebuilding the Sauna and talking about Maddie’s grandfather, Charlie Boulton. “He knew my grandfather well. I had no idea they were so close,” Maddie says. “Heikki told me that one time they accidentally burned down the Sauna together, as both their towels caught fire.” Bonding over their memories of Charlie, a new friendship blossomed.

"I can’t wait to see if I’m right about it – if I am, it will change everything."

The shocking discovery

Amid jovial storytelling, Maddie discovered something shocking about her grandfather’s past.

“I can’t get into details, and I don’t think Heikki even fully realized what he was saying. But he shared something amazing and incredibly valuable. I can’t wait to see if I’m right about it – if I am, it will change everything.”

Find out what Charlie’s secret is in the Lighthouse Area.

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