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Well, Well, Well… Getting to the bottom of another mystery

By Jackie Martin

A new puzzling excavation has emerged in the Mansion grounds, daring us to dig it wide open. Tucked away among an overgrown estate lies an Old Well, believed to hold secrets that rival the greatest detective novels.

There’s been whispers of strange occurrences surrounding the well from daring escapes through its allegedly hidden passages to strange noises echoing through the hollow rock lining. It's like a real-life rabbit hole with a quirky twist! What really lies beneath? The answer remains tantalizingly out of reach.

The mystery bubbling in the depths of the Old Well reached its tipping point when Beaumont Hall resident turned amateur detective Maddie Boulton heard something far from ordinary coming from below. Are those barking noises? A secret doggy hideout? The plot thickens!

Anyone who knows Maddie and her inexplicable love for furry creatures can guess what comes next – a daring rescue mission. As she descends into the Old Well what would she find? A wagging tail? Hidden escape routes? Secrets that are best left buried?

Head over to the Old Well and have a dig about: this is definitely a mystery worth getting to the bottom of, especially when four paws are involved!

More mysteries await..
to reveal it all!

Old well area before cleanup
Old well area after cleanup

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