Game update

Merge Mansion June Update

Summertime greetings from Hopewell Bay! We’ll be covering future updates here on the website to give you an overview of the update content.

In this update, prepare to uncover a Secret Society and celebrate Hopewell Bay’s 100th anniversary!

Here’s what’s included:

New Area: The Secret Society!

Players who have completed the Lounge can unearth a new item chain that will open up an area under the Conservatory. Here, players can shed light on a secret society that operated on the Mansion grounds. While playing, discover new tasks, a new mini-game, item chains, and exciting events from the past!

Item Updates:

  • Apple Trees will become permanent producers at levels 10, 11, and 12.
    • Level 10 Apple Trees will produce level 1 Apples, level 11 Trees Apples level 2, and level 12 Apples level 3.
    • Like other producers, Blue Cards can not be used on Apple Trees.
  • The Opened Scarab Box is getting its own item chain, following a similar logic to Seed Bags becoming a Golden Seed.

Also coming in this update:

  • New Mystery Passes
  • A host of different in-game events, including Hopewell Bay's 100th anniversary
  • Improvements to the Secret Supply event
    • Tap items in the machine to learn more about them
    • More Red Energy and Tokens as task rewards
    • Visual improvements and changes
  • Changes to task requirements
    • Tasks will no longer require permanent producer pieces to complete

We thank all of you for playing and being part of the Merge Mansion community! There are many exciting things to play and try out in Merge Mansion, but don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors, and have a great summer!